Hoop Earrings

Khuyên tai tròn thời thượng và không bao giờ lỗi mốt.
Amber Diamond HoopsAmber Diamond Hoops

Amber Diamond Hoops

Mini Croisaint Huggie Hoops (White Gold)Mini Croisaint Huggie Hoops (White Gold)
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Stormi Bold Huggie Earrings ( GOLD )Stormi Bold Huggie Earrings ( GOLD )
Cathy Pearl  EarringsCathy Pearl  Earrings
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Cathy Pearl Earrings

Mini Huggie HoopsMini Huggie Hoops

Mini Huggie Hoops

Mini Croisaint Huggie Hoops (GOLD)Mini Croisaint Huggie Hoops (GOLD)
Smiley Twisted Hoop EarringsSmiley Twisted Hoop Earrings
Kylie Hoop EarringsKylie Hoop Earrings

Kylie Hoop Earrings

Bessy HoopsBessy Hoops

Bessy Hoops

NEW Twisted Double Hoop EarringsNEW Twisted Double Hoop Earrings
Medium HoopsMedium Hoops

Medium Hoops

Trio Hoop EarringsTrio Hoop Earrings
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Trio Hoop Earrings

Mini Baguette Diamond Hoop EarringsMini Baguette Diamond Hoop Earrings
Carried the breeze of French, “croissant” twisted studs earrings elegantly approach a gleaming “madame” accent for your look.  - Made in gold vermeil: a thick 18k gold layer on sterling silver. - Diameter:   17.15mmCroissant Twisted Hoop Earrings
CZ Spiral EarringsCZ Spiral Earrings

CZ Spiral Earrings


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