Our Materials

Perlamuse jewelry is handcrafted using the finest, ethically sourced materials and designed for everyday wear. We put a lot of consideration into the materials we use. Our pieces are made to withstand real life, and with proper jewelry cleaning, they will continue to shine.
Wondering what material your piece is made of? All of our sterling silver and 18k gold vermeil pieces are stamped with “925” due to their sterling silver core.


18K Gold Vermeil 

Perlamuse 18K Gold Vermeil pieces are covered by a heavy layer of minimum 1 micron 18K gold, and are finished by a layer using E-coating technique.

We add an extra layer of tarnish resistance (we called E-coating) on top of the gold-plating layer to extend the life span of the jewelry. This layer is super thin, light-weight, and also invisible, but it is a powerful plating for making jewelry durable.



  • To maintain the shine of your 18k Gold Vermeil pieces, after every use, clean it with a cotton ball or a very soft cloth to remove any dust and dirt. 
  • Gently rub the surface of your gold plated jewelry using a soft jewelry cloth. Do NOT use a polishing cloth as this will strip away the plating.
  • Store your pieces in a safe, dry place when not worn to protect them from the elements of daily exposure.


    Silver Necklace

    Sterling Silver (S925)

    Silver 925 is the abbreviation of high-end silver line 92.5, originating from Italy - one of the world-famous countries for silver quality. 925 Sterling Silver is an alloy made of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper to create a shiny, durable, and sophisticated products. Sterling Silver jewelry is “fancy” affordable.



    • Use warm water, detergent-free soap and a soft-bristled brush, rinsing the diamond and setting afterward to ensure there is no residue. 

    • Do not use steam or ultrasonic cleaners, as this can cause damage. 

    • Store your diamond jewelry in a safe, dry place when not worn.


    Diamond: Cubic Zirconia (CZ)

    Cucbic Zirconia is abbreviated as Cz or ECz, also known as "Artificial Diamond" because it is a man-made gem that appears just like a diamond. In essence, they are a form of artificial crystals created by the purification of a mixture with high purity zirconium oxide powder at high temperature and pressure. We choose the highest CZ quality (AA grade) for our stones, which has high brightness.



    • Rinse your cubic zirconia jewelry well in warm water. 

    • Then, pat it dry with a soft, clean cloth. Don't use tissues to wash or dry your jewelry.

    • Clean your cubic zirconia jewelry at least every two to three months to keep it looking its best.