How to Mix and Match Your Jewelry in 2020

Styling our clothes with accessories has become challenging if you are not equipped with the right tips and tricks. It is quite honestly an art. There are so many different jewelry pieces that you can put together by layering to uplift your entire look. If you find yourself in a haze when you are trying to mix and match your jewelry pieces, then you have come to the right place – read ahead as we discover ways of mixing and matching jewelry pieces.

  • 1. Select A centerpiece

The easiest way to mix and match jewelry is by picking up pieces that you think would complement a centerpiece. If you are stacking bracelets then perhaps it would be a good idea to build around your favorite bracelet or watch. Setting up a centerpiece helps in laying a foundation and guiding the wearer as to what theme would they go for. That protects them for mindlessly overloading jewelry.

  • 2. Layer Chunky With Little

If you don’t have a statement piece or attention grabbing a piece of jewelry because all your necklaces stand out on their own – then it is advised that you opt for a subtle approach when layering your necklaces. Add the dainty ones with the chunky ones to help you create a cascading effect.  You can add delicate chain necklaces with a gold coin pendant to create an effortless gold plated jewelry look.

  • 3. Mix Metals

There is no rule against mixing your silver jewelry with gold jewelry, instead, it is preferred over other mixes. Its fundamental goal is to make your look chunkier and dressier. The idea here is that when you are stacking bracelets you can add a few gold pieces with silver ones to create a multi-dimensional look.

  • 4. Add Pops Of Color

Don’t hesitate from throwing in a few colored bracelets between your minimalist gold and silver bracelets. Moreover, you can also add color between your stacked rings by adding gemstone rings as they look unique and make your styling game look far more interesting.

  • 5. Stack Rings

If you feel overwhelmed by stacking bracelets and layering necklaces then you can opt for rings that are far more convenient and practical. Stacking rings has become a raging trend as of late, multiple fast forward fashion brands are stocking up on cute dome rings to help you adopt the minimalist Parisian style.

There is no limit on stacking rings, you can wear two or three rings on the same finger. 

Mix and match your gold, silver or even rose gold jewelry to polish off your look. Jewelry is meant to highlight your personal style statement, so when you finally sit down to take out few pieces that you wish to wear with one of your outfits always ask yourself what you’d think if a person entered the room wearing the same accessories as you did – doing this will pretty much make your decision easier for you.

Opt for minimalist jewelry as it is easy to pair and also versatile.

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