Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Gold Plated Jewelry

Jewelry has been used as a form of adornment since ancient times. Women always had a passion for wearing jewelry. Since buying gold jewelry is not an option for everyone, many opt for minimalist gold jewelry alternatives instead.

Gold plated jewelry is affordable for people on a budget. It almost looks the same as real gold, yet without costing you a sky-high price.

But is there anything that you need to know about gold-plated jewelry before buying it?

Yes, a lot!

Here is all you need to know before opting for gold plated jewelry.

Is Gold Plated Jewelry Hypoallergenic?

Many people suffer from metal allergy; therefore, they cannot wear every type of gold-plated jewelry. For instance, plating done of copper, brass, or any other lower quality metal is not a good choice for people with metal allergies.

However, gold-plated jewelry on the high-quality metal base such as sterling silver, titanium, and stainless steel can be a safe choice. These metals are hypoallergenic.

925 sterling silver is a great option if you want to stay safe from allergy yet buy a sleek, durable, and affordable gold alternative. It has much better quality than normal gold-plated jewelry as the gold does not fade away quickly.

How Thick Should Gold Plating Be?

If the gold plating is thick, it won’t wear off quickly. Gold plating can range in thickness between 0.17 to 2.5 microns.

Remember that the durability of gold-plated jewelry depends on the thickness and weight of gold used for plating. The more the thickness and weight, the increased the quality of jewelry. Jewelry with thicker plating lats longer and its sheen doesn’t wear off quickly.

Does Gold Plating Fades And Tarnish?

The quality of the gold plate will vary based on the base-metal underneath plating. A low-quality base metal will tarnish quickly and can become an eyesore.

 However, plating on a high-quality metal base lasts longer and doesn’t tarnish easily. For this, gold-plated sterling silver jewelry is the best option as the metal doesn’t expose or fade away quickly.

Is Gold Plated Jewelry Worth Buying?

There are several pros to buying gold-plated jewelry. Some of them are listed below.

  • Unique luxurious design. Gold plated jewelry comes in a wide variety of designs, giving the impression of luxury.
  • It is strong and durable. Gold plated jewelry is durable as the gold is mixed with other alloys like 925 sterling silver.
  • Affordable. Unlike fine gold, plated jewelry is affordable. It costs much lesser than real gold but gives the appearance of genuine gold, hence making it a wise choice.
  • Makes a perfect gift. If you are looking to buying a unique jewelry piece for your loved ones on budget, gold plated jewelry can be the best option.

Do I Need to Take Proper Care of  Gold Plated Jewelry?

The short and sweet answer is YES. The gold plated jewelry:

  • Has no water or sweat resistance. It can wear off if comes in contact with water or your body sweat.
  • The plating chips off. If the jewelry touches another metal, the plating chips off. So, you have to be careful while wearing such jewelry close with any other metal.

Wrapping it Up

Fashion enthusiasts prefer gold plated jewelry because it is an affordable gold jewelry alternative, offering the same luxury looks and feels like the real gold. You can get this jewelry in almost every design, shape, and plated over most metals, including silver and copper.

So, if you do not like investing a hefty amount in gold jewelry, opt for gold-plated jewelry.

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