Your Wholesome Guide to Necklaces Chain Texture

Chains are one of the defining staples of a fine jewelry collection. The way you play with your chain, worn all together or one by one, defines your unspoken statement. 

In order to maximize the uniqueness of your outfit, and the potential beauty of our “golden friends”, finding the right chain(s) is essential. Perlamuse designs our chains in a variety of lengths, shapes and of course textures, so you don’t have to look anywhere else to find the right ones for you. May we introduce you to an ultimate guide!

Chains are like snowflakes, all in different shapes and sizes. Each pattern performs a different styling function to create a textured stack that stands out solo or together. Below, a little vocabulary lesson on the difference between a curb and cable chain, among others.

Dây chuyền bán chạy cao cấp Việt Nam

  1. Paperclip

Wide links, uniform in width are connected to create a flexible bold chain. 

  1. Herringbone 

A flat texture with slanted chain links parallel to each other gives this chain it’s sleek and fluid look. 

  1. Classic chains 

Flattened solid loops link together to create a sturdy and stable structure.

  1. Cable 

Made up of symmetrical, uniform links making it ideal for hanging pendants on. 

  1. Rope 

One of the sturdiest chains named for its rope-like twisted links.


Chain Stacking Starter Pack 

The key is to mix lengths with textures for a dynamic look.

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