Who we are.

Based in Philadelphia, USA, Perlamuse is an online jewelry store, offering a wide range of gold-plated jewelry items to let you embrace your beauty with confidence. We focus on accessories that embrace a modern, yet vintage look that we think you will fall in love with.

Quality Assurance

We are dedicated to matching the highest standard in fine jewelry while ensuring that you can wear our jewelry for years without tarnish. We sell the beautiful and well-crafted jewelry that carries the harness and brilliance to last for a lifetime. No matter a wedding or a party, our gold-plated jewelry is a clean and perfect alternative to solid gold for every occasion. 

Direct-to-Direct Customer Experience

We want to ensure a pleasant buying experience for you along with providing the best products. Thus, we are dedicated to making Perlamuse a one-stop-shop for you to get the perfect jewelry items at economical prices. We sell direct to customers without involving any third party, making our prices lower than regular brands in retailers.

Value for the Money

Perlamuse aims to make fine jewelry more accessible for every woman. With our gold-plated jewelry, you don’t have to worry about the traditional crazy markups as our products are available at prices that every woman can enjoy.

Attractive Packaging

At Perlamuse, we understand that luxury jewelry needs to be packed beautifully. Our gold-plated jewelry items come packed in a beautiful, black charming box, allowing you to make a warm gift for your friends and family.

Social Responsibility

We are not only dedicated to providing quality jewelry but also aim to contribute toward society. We are concerned about unlucky children everywhere, specially in Vietnam. Thus, we are ambitious to arranging a yearly charity event to help these children through Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation. Your support toward our business will also contribute to the betterment of these innocent children.

Customer Satisfaction Over Everything

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. From providing a wide range of quality products to ensuring excellent customer service, we make it perfect for you. Our skilled workforce and shipment staff work round the clock to ensure that your package is ready for a quick, timely delivery.

Enjoy the best shopping experience while getting gorgeous pieces of jewelry!