5 New Earring Trends to Try in Spring 2020

Earrings bring life to your outfit, only if they complement the dress. If you want a statement look with earrings, it is going to be fun this year. You can go for anything from jazzy and oversized to chunky and minimalist.

Below are some of the best statement earrings you should add to your jewelry collection this summer. 

Hoop Earrings 

Big hoops, chunky hoops, hoops with giant pearls, drop-down hoops, and sculptural hoops are what you’ll see this year. Hoops add statement and style with a classy look. You can wear them at evening parties, home or work, and for night outs.

The runways in 2019 were brightened up by models wearing those sculptural hoops that you can carry with any outfit you want. You can go for gold or rose gold hoops as they look decent with almost every outfit.  

Charm and Horoscope Earrings

The start of 2020 has observed models wearing charm earrings on runways. A moon or a star on a drop-down earring or one big moon on a stud will make a great statement earring for you. 

Designers are now also bringing charms based on star signs. Whether you’re a Libra or a Gemini, you can find your star sign on a statement earrings. Horoscope-related charm earrings are a sign of peace. You’ll look elegant and serene while wearing those beauties. 

Charm earrings are not only sophisticated but look striking with every outfit you wear. They can be your best pick for casual parties, daily or office wear, and night outs.

Shell Earrings 

Perlamuse Seashell Pearl Asymmetric Drop Earrings in White

Shells are going to be one of the most trendy and hot jewelry pieces in 2020. Shell earrings, in particular, are back in fashion with more versatility. 

Clamshells are more into the trend. Designers are incorporating shells in huge studs and drop earrings. You can make a statement by wearing shell earrings, not only on the beach but anywhere, anytime. 

Tassel Earrings

Source: Pinterest

Tassels are back with a bang. They are longer, shoulder sweepers, brighter, and with more glitter. The runways in 2019 were brightened up with crayon-colored tassel earrings, silver, and gold tassels. 

Tassel earrings are becoming a popular trend to slay in weddings, parties, or any other event. The one made of silver and embellished with pearl are most hit.

So, you can choose any tassel earrings depending on your mood and outfit. But be sure, your tassels are long and colorful. 

Gold, Silver, and Black earrings 

This year is versatile when it comes to the metal used in earrings. 

Gold is a superb choice as your statement earrings if you want to invest a bit. Gold is always in fashion and it’s never going to be old.

Silver is no less than old this year. Models walked through, wearing embellished silver earrings. Silver earrings combined with diamonds make perfect statement jewelry for everyone. If you are short on budget, you can opt for gold plated sterling silver earrings that are affordable yet minimalist.

Black is not the color of the night anymore. Several cool designs of black earrings have been launched that are perfect for day time as well, making it your statement earrings. Black tassel earrings are also trendy and you can wear them even at formal gatherings. 

All in all, you can choose from shells to sophisticated hoops and bright tassels as your statement earrings. It just depends on what you want to wear because this year is versatile when it comes to jewelry trends.

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